EpZen 'Pure' - Premium magnesium bath crystals 900gm. Unscented.

Coconut & Lime Bath Salts & Body Scrub: a sultry blend of coconut, citrus and therapeutic Dead Sea salts. - See more at: http://www.greenlifestylemag.com.au/caim-and-able-win-body-scrub-and-bath-salts#sthash.v9xqLYHi.dpuf

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Stop. Refresh. Recharge

Magnesium sulphate, also known as ‘Epsom salt’, is an element of seawater that also occurs in some mineral springs and is mined from rock.  Since prehistoric times, humans have been gathering around healing springs and mineralised pools recognising the benefits to well being, including stress relief and muscle relaxation.

Suggested Uses

Natural epsoms dissolve immediately and are also highly ‘transdermally bio-available’ (absorbable through the skin), so why not enjoy a Magnesium Crystal Bath Soak™ for 20 min after a tough day at the office, a trying day with the kids, or after returning from yoga or the gym.  Those on water restrictions or with tired achy feet might prefer a 15-minute foot soak (3/4 cup in a bucket) – a great way to soften calluses before a pedicure!!

Pure Magnesium Bath Crystals are Unscented - great for sensitive skins or those that want to add their own aromatherapy scent.

Cautions: Avoid during first trimester of pregnancy. For EXTERNAL use only.

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