Get well soon

This gift box has been thoughtfully put together to provide warmth and comfort to aid a speedy recovery. To bring sunshine to someone that is feeling under the weather.


  • Therapeutic tea // Pukka tea - Lemon, ginger & manuka honey
  • Soothing paw paw & honey balm // Pure papaya care
  • Natural hand sanitiser 10ml // EO
  • Soothing heat wrap // Tonic Australia
  • Raw honey 60gm // The urban beehive - Sydney
  • Gift box with personalised gift card

Product descriptions:

Pukka herbs. Lemon, ginger & manuka honey tea  - 20 herbal sachets

A deeply soothing, traditional blend of zesty lemon and spicy ginger with sweet, nourishing notes of manuka honey. 

Pure papaya care// Organic paw paw ointment (replacing suvana paw paw balm- pictured)

This luscious balm soothes, softens and moisturises dry, chapped anything!  Perfect for cracked, dry, irritated skin. No petrochemicals, no parabens or sulphates, no harmful chemical or chemical, no animal testing.

EO. Organic lavender hand sanitiser spray 60ml
The natural plant based alternative to chemical laden hand sanitisers. Contains the soothing and sanitising essential oil lavender and nourishing jojoba oil. A great size to keep in your bag.

Tonic Australia. Heat wrap - dove grey 

The Relax Heat Wrap has been engineered to include 5 hand stitched sections to allow even heat distribution as you move around freely.  This heat wrap helps to ease stress and anxiety, these ingredients can provide relaxation and aid muscular relief.  They can be used heated or cooled to relieve aches, pains, bruising or swelling.  Use as a safe alternative to a hot water bottle.

Made from 100% linen with a soothing blend of locally-sourced rosemary, juniper berries, chamomile flowers and lavender. 


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