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  • Smart drink // Shine+
  • Organic paw paw and honey balm // Suvana beauty
  • Energy aromatherapy pulse point // The Aromatherapy Company
  • Mini candle - invigorate // State of Mind
  • Paleo snack bar // Naked Paleo
  • Gift box with personalised gift card

Product descriptions

Shine+ smart drink 110ml

A smart drink is a beverage developed to enhance mental function and health. Each active ingredient in shine+ has been clinically-researched and shown to; ✓ Increase concentration & focus ✓ Improve working memory ✓ Reduce mental fatigue & brain fog.

Ingredients: Caffeine, gingko biloba, L-theanine, curcumin (found in Turmeric), siberian ginseng, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, green tea extract.

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