Roasted chickpeas // Slightly salted 25gm


These award-winning Lightly Salted Chickpea Snacks contain just four ingredients - and that's all!

Fulfilling, healthy snacks which are naturally high in plant based protein and fibre.

Made from slow-roasted chickpeas, lightly seasoned with sea salt and a hint of garlic that'll taste downright addictive - while staying guilt free.

Low in sugar and lower in fat than other snacks such as nuts.

Nutritious, deliciously crunchy and moreish, these wholesome snacks are great for the office, in kids' lunchboxes, for sports or on the go.

Allergen friendly - they are free from  gluten, nuts, eggs and dairy.

The Happy Snack Company's priority is to make people feel good about the snacks they eat. Whether you're looking for a healthy wholefood treat, something fun to fuel the school day, or if you're managing a food allergy, their multi award-winning snacks are there to fill the void as the tasty, but still good for you choice.

Made with sustainably grown non-GMO chickpeas, each bite is crispy, crunchy, nutritious and delicious, perfect for the whole family.


Care should be taken with children under 3 years as the roasted chickpeas are small and require chewing.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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