Bringing sunshine to someone's day with this gift box full of uplifting aromas and treats.


  • Citrine crystal // Lemon canary
  • Bon bon soap (Franjipani) // Murphy & Daughters
  • Soothing paw paw balm // Pure papaya balm
  • Epzen uplift bath crystals 900gm // Evodia
  • Smoothie bombs - The Defender (chai) // Smoothie bombs
  • In bloom colouring book 
  • Uplifting turmeric tea // Pukka herbs
  • Sunflower seeds // Sow n sow
  • Gift box with personalised gift card
  • FREE standard shipping

Pure papaya care// Organic paw paw ointment (replacing suvana paw paw balm- pictured)


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