21 ways to prevent Xmas burnout.

21 ways to prevent Xmas burnout.

21 ways to prevent Xmas burnout.

Day 1: Have an early night. Sip on some chamomile tea, turn off electronics and catch up on your sleep. You have a big month ahead!

Day 2: Hydrate! Drinking 2 litres of water a day can help increase energy, flush out toxins, improve mental focus, sleep quality, digestion and skin complexion.

Tip: add a slice of lemon or mint to your water bottle for flavour.

Day 3: Time to check in. Sit down somewhere quiet with a piece of paper or journal. Think about the last time you felt energized and vibrant. Where were you? What were you doing? Who was with you? What has changed?

Day 4: Stretch. Take 10 minutes (or more!) and stretch the areas that have been feeling time. Or even better try a yoga routine for the whole body. This will help you feel energized and sleep better.

Day 5: Nourish yourself with nutrient dense fruit & veggies.

Tip: Start the day with a nourishing smoothie bomb. just add some fruit (e.g. frozen blueberries), liquid (e.g. coconut milk, almond milk) and blend!

Day 6: Mental declutter. Sit down and write down your December to do list and sort in order of priority.

Sort to categories: Christmas shopping, work, holiday planning, house work, Christmas lunch…

Try to cross out anything that is not important and will cause more stress than it’s worth. Let it go (or reschedule until January!), you can’t do everything.

Day 7: Positive Affirmation. Select an affirmation that you are drawn to or create your own. Write down 3 times then repeat to yourself for the month of December.

  • My daily commitment to self care is not selfish
  • I am enough
  • Life is a journey and this is a step
  • I embrace change
  • I have every right to say no to something that makes me feeling uncomfortable
  • I am free from others negative vibes

Day 8: Breathe in…breathe out. Take some time out to practice slow, deep breathing. Try and escape to a quiet room or put some relaxing music on your earphones. Lie down or sit somewhere comfortably. Place your hand on your abdomen and feel it rise up and down with each breath. Repeat 10 times.

Day 9: Read. Turn off electronics and pick up that book or magazine you have been meaning to read.

Day 10: Pamper yourself. Book in for a massage or pamper yourself at home with a face mask, undereye gel or foot soak. Sip some chamomile tea and chill.

Day 11: Mindfulness. Look around and appreciate all you have achieved and the beauty in your surroundings. List 3 things that you are grateful for.

Day 12: Get outside. Take a walk out in nature for at least 30 minutes and breathe in the fresh air, A bush trail, park or beach or just your neighbourhood. Exercising in nature will help reduce stress & anxiety, improve immunity and memory as well as boost positivity.

Day 13: Be inspired. Listen to a motivational TED talk, inspirational podcast or book.

Day 14: Virtual hug. Write a letter/card/email/text/DM/Skype an old friend. Reach out and let them know you are thinking of them during the festive season.

Day 15: Green thumb. Plant some seedlings. Some herbs for the kitchen windowsill or sunflowers for the garden. Nuture them.

Day 16: Get creative. Take some time out and colour, sew, paint, knit, make a Christmas tree ornament, create a scrap book or photo book. It helps take your mind off the stresses.

Day 17: Laugh. Laughing is a natural way to boost your immunity and release unwanted tension.

Check out this 10 minute yoga laughter session with Bianca Spears to get started! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNKyUp3PYDE

Day 18: Be kind to your inner voice. Actively stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself. You are enough and you are amazing. If you hear yourself putting yourself down, repeat something positive about yourself 3 times.

Day 19: Dance like no one is watching. Press play to your favourite songs and create your own groove! Better yet, get your friends and family involved.

Day 20: Create a healthy bedtime routine. This can be interrupted with Christmas parties and late night shopping trips but try to keep to the same routine each night. Listen to relaxing music, sip some calming tea, keep the lights dim and/or wear an eye mask if your room isn’t completely dark.

Day 21: Delegate. Sometimes all the Christmas duties can fall on one person in the family. If this is you, delegate some things on your to do list (e.g. write some Christmas cards, Christmas lunch food shopping, household chores, take the kids out on the weekend for a few hours).

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