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Bravery Co // Headscarves

A super soft headscarf with colours that will punch cancer's lights out. 

Bravery Co. has collaborated with world renowned artists to create the first range of designer headscarves for cancer warriors. These bright, bold and beautiful silk scarves each tell a story that’s intended to empower the wearer - especially if they
happen to be kicking cancer’s ass.

The designer range are made from a silk modal blend and are the perfect size to wrap around your head at 100x200cm.

Each scarf comes with a ‘How to Turban’ booklet.

Who are Bravery Co?

Headscarves for scarf lovers and cancer haters

Bravery Co. is a collection of bright, bold and colourful scarves designed to make you feel beautiful, confident and powerful – especially if you're kicking cancer’s ass.

Each of our designer scarves has been made in collaboration with a legendary artist.

Be sure to read the story behind each piece. 

  • 10% of all profits go to Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation so we can be done with cancer.
  • All scarves come with a 'How to Turban' guide.
  • All scarf models have kicked cancer's ass once or twice.


Big calm by Carla McRae

This design is about the positive power of the ocean — swimming and the sensation of muscles awakening with each stroke; feeling weightless and free, finding a sense of calm and contentment, reconnecting with nature and the self.

The Big Calm Scarf designed by Carla McRae part of our designer range for scarf lovers and cancer haters. 

10% of scarf profits goes to cancer research to end this cancer nonsense.


Reposition by Rika Kiraly

This scarf is about constant change both physically and mentally, coming and going of thoughts, support of people around us, ups and downs, some things to let go and new things to discover.

Within this precious scarf design I have woven a little invisible smile, strength and hug which you will find when you need it the most. 

The Reposition scarf is designed by Rika Kiraly and is part of our designer range for scarf lovers and cancer haters. 

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