This gift box has been thoughtfully put together to aid someone going though chemotherapy treatment. Each product has been selected to provide comfort and relief of the side effects such as nausea, dry mouth and sensitive skin. A colouring book is included to help provide relaxation and relieve boredom during treatment sessions.


  • Soothing heat pillow // Tonic Australia
  • Calming eye pillow // Tonic Australia
  • Organic, therapeutic tea // Pukka - Lemon, ginger & manuka honey
  • Adult colouring/puzzle book // Pocket posh
  • Ultra-hydrating body lotion for sensitive skin // Acure organics
  • Body wash for sensitive skin // Acure organics
  • Soothing paw paw balm // Suvana beauty
  • Natural hand sanitiser spray //  EO
  • Hydration tabs - Orange // Nuun hydration
  • Natural mints // Pur mints
  • Large gift box with personalised gift tag

Product descriptions:

Tonic Australia. Heat pillow
Tonic’s geometric heat pillows are made from 55% linen and 45% cotton fabric and backed with 100% white cotton. Australian made and filled with locally sourced barley and lavender.

Tonic Australia. Eye pillow
Made from 100% cotton and filled with locally sourced barley and lavender. This eye pillow aids relaxation to ease stress and tension, allowing for rest, meditation and re-charging.

Pukka tea. Lemon, ginger & manuka honey - 20 organic herbal tea sachets
A warming swirl of lemon, ginger and manuka honey to aid digestion and reduce symptoms of nausea.
Organic herbal teas blended for full flavour and rich in a therapeutic benefit. Available in a range of blends.

Pocket Posh. Colouring book - Vintage design (or crosswords or wordsearch)
Colouring is the new meditation. Unplug, disconnect, and relax with this sophisticated anti-stress coloring, doodling, and drawing book.

Acure. Ultra-hydrating body lotion - Unscented 235ml
This 100% natural, organic ultra-hydrating lotion will bring even the driest skin back to life, smoothing and restoring moisture. The unscented formula with cacao butter and coQ10 is suitable for sensitive skin. No parabens or sulfates. Vegan friendly.

Acure organics. Body wash - sensitive skin - unscented 235ml

Suvana Beauty. Paw paw and honey balm 25gm
Perfect for cracked, dry, irritated skin. No petrochemicals.

EO. Hand sanitiser spray 59ml
The natural plant based alternative to chemical laden hand sanitisers. Contains the soothing and sanitising essential oil lavender and nourishing jojoba oil. A great size to keep in your bag.

Nuun - Hydration tabs (Orange)
 **Please always consult with your health practitioner prior to taking any supplements.

Pur mints - 20 pieces

Naturally sweetened with xylitol, these mints have a mild, refreshing taste without all the chemicals. During chemotherapy treatment it is common to have a dry mouth or a constant metallic taste. Chewing sugarless gum or sucking on sweets has be shown to help alleviate these symptoms.

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