Christmas Self Care: 10 tips to avoid burnout this festive season

Christmas Self Care: 10 tips to avoid burnout this festive season

We get it... you have a kazillion things on your to do list, kids are finishing up with school, Christmas parties every weekend and the work deadlines are looming! The Summer holidays relaxing by the water in the day and Christmas movies at night seem so far away.

The festive season can be so magical and special but can also be stressful and overwhelming. This year let's prevent holiday stress and burnout by practicing Christmas self care.

10 tips to avoid burnout this festive season.

1. Prioritise. Take 5-10 minutes to create a Christmas to do list and categorise into five groups:

- Urgent (today)

- Schedule (this week)

- Non-urgent (before Xmas)

- Delegate (ask someone else to help)

- Eliminate (remove from list)

Remember it's OK to say no!

2. Make plans. Get your December calendar out and write down all the events and activities. If any clash make a decision if you need to take off the schedule or change to another day. Be realistic with your time and avoid more than 2 events in one day.

3. Create a Christmas budget. Christmas is an expensive time of year and going over budget can be stressful especially with the rising cost of living. Decide on how much you can afford to spend (do not compare to friends and family) and create a Christmas budget. Write down the names of all the presents you need to purchase and then work out how much you can spend on each person to stay within budget. 

Add a second part of your budget for Christmas parties, events and Christmas day (food, drinks). Discuss your budget for Christmas day with friends/family and work out a fair division of costs in advance. 

4. Ask for help. Making Christmas special for everyone can be overwhelming so make sure to ask for help before you hit burnout. Sometimes others are just not aware of the tasks that need to be done and need a little reminder!

5. Let go of expectations. We all want the festive season to be perfect and it can be difficult to say no but self care needs to take priority. Forget what others are doing and make Christmas special to you. 

- Are all your neighbours going nuts with Christmas decorations but you don't have time? Then don't. Add a simple wreath to your door and relax.

- Dislike cooking for hours on Christmas day in attempt to make the perfect feast? Then don't. Keep it simple, grab a drink and enjoy Christmas with your family.

6. Nourish your body. Now is definitely the time to make sure you take care of yourself inside and out. Keep hydrated, eat fruits and vegetables, minimise processed foods and exercise daily. Exercise can be a simple walk around the block, yoga or a gym workout. Don't forget quality sleep is important as well.

7. Practice mindfulness. Keeping a calm mind can do wonders to avoiding Christmas burnout. This can be in the form of meditation, journaling, yoga or breathing exercises.

8. Allow time to unwind. Pull the blinds down and watch a Christmas movie in the daytime, switch off your phone for an hour and read a book or take a walk in nature.

9. Practice joy. Do what makes you happy. Practicing self care is not selfish. Allow the time for some pampering, a massage, coffee with friends or a games night with family.

10. Give back. Christmas is the time for giving. Donate some of your time to charity, donate toys to a local Childrens charity and shop small to help local communities.

Christmas charities:

Foodbank -Foodbank Australia | Fighting Hunger In Australia

The Smith Family: Volunteer with us | The Smith Family

Wesley Mission: Ways to donate | Wesley Mission

Salvation Army Christmas Appeal: Donate Online | The Salvation Army Australia

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