Happy Easter

Happy Easter! What do you eat first? Ears or feet?

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

Read on for some fun facts about Easter...

When the Easter Bunny pays a visit to your house you might be lucky enough to receive a chocolate Easter bunny! Hmmm where to start? Are you a ears or feet first nibbler?

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A study of over 28 thousand people documented in The Laryngoscope journal found that...59 per cent of people ate the ears first. Only 4% nibbled the feet first and the remaining people studied didn't have a preference.

  • Pretzels used to be associated with Easter. They were thought to represent arms crossing in prayer.

  • Easter eggs have medieval origins. A little bit of a strange tradition but a priest used to pass a hard boiled egg around to the choir boys and when the clock struck midnight the last person holding it got to eat it!

  • Easter baskets symbolise a bird's nest and new life especially when filled with eggs.

  • The Easter flower is the Lily representing Spring (in the North Hemisphere).
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