Use the power of colour for your gift

Use the power of colour for your gift

Using the power of colour

At WYW we love colour and are fascinated by how each colour can affect mood, emotion, decision making and even how we think.

We offer gifts for a range of different occasions that can be happy, sad, stressful or even thankful. Colours can help bring a positive message to a care package.

We have compiled a list of the meanings of each color and how they can affect someone, which may be helpful when choosing a gift.

BLUE - Calm, peace, tranquility, trust

YELLOW - Bright, joy, energy, sunshine, hope, happiness

PURPLE - Royal, ambition, spirituality, luxury

GREEN - Earthy, growth, nature, balance, harmony

PINK - Happiness, compassion, playful, feminine, hope

BLACK - Classic, elegance, power

WHITE - Pure, innocence, fresh, clean, simplicity

RED - Love, danger, energy, excitement

ORANGE - Excitement, confidence, encouragement, health, vitality

BROWN - Earth, honest, natural, reliable

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