Your guide to Eco Friendly Christmas Decorations

Your guide to Eco Friendly Christmas Decorations

Eco Friendly Christmas Decorations

When it comes to decorations think natural, look outside for materials and avoid plastic. You can create some amazing eco friendly decorations that are also budget friendly.

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1. What’s it made out of?
If it’s plastic, polystyrene or easily broken glass – it’s best to put it back and go for natural, organic materials. Sticking to recyclable or compostable materials means if you don’t want to keep decorations year after year, you won’t be making a big eco foot print each Christmas.

2. How long will it last?

If your material is compostable this is a great way to use new decorations each year – things like dried orange garlands (see above), leaves, and organic materials are all great choices. If you do see something you love in durable glass, porcelain or ceramic make sure you’ll want to keep it year after year to save on waste. The big ones to avoid? Plastic and polystyrene – the less of these we can use the better!

3. Can I up-cycle my old decorations into new ones?

Often those old Christmas baubles don’t need anything more than a coat of paint or a clever approach to make the old new again! Have a look at old wine bottles, mason jars, last years wreaths and things lying round the home to see if their a DIY afternoon away from an amazing Christmas decorating idea.

4. Think LED

Use LED lighting in your Christmas lights this year to reduce your eco footprint and save your power bill! Make sure to only turn on the lights when in use and switch off at other times. Outdoor lights can be a big drain on energy so try not to keep them running all night long! Make a cut off hour and only keep them on for an hour or two each night to save power and reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Recycle

Make sure when Christmas comes to an end that you recycle your decorations made from paper, glass or some types of plastic and double check with your council to see when they’re doing their Christmas tree recycling drive!

More tips on an Eco Friendly Christmas

  1. Avoid lights or use LED in your decorations to reduce your energy use for the season
  2. Send E-cards instead of traditional cards to save paper.
  3. Use recycled wrapping paper or make your own with fabric.
  4. Make your own eco friendly decorations inspired by nature using branches, fallen leaves, burlap etc.
  5. Don’t put unwanted gifts in the bin! Donate them or pass them on to another friend.
  6. Compost your leftovers.
  7. Choose local and organic when it comes to food.
  8. Put out a separate bin for recyclables while entertaining.
  9. Get a live potted tree you can keep year round!
  10. Avoid using plastic disposable cutlery and napkins – use cloth and washable plates
  11. Hang onto Christmas paper for crafts and up cycling into decorations – you can also wrap gifts with cloth or tea towels to avoid using paper.
  12. When it comes to food and decorations – less is more! Don’t get anything you think will be left hanging round after Christmas and end up in the bin.
  13. When it comes to food, buy seasonal, local and organic where possible. Less distance to travel to the store and less chemicals in production means a more eco friendly Christmas lunch

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