10 ways to stay warm without turning the heater on!

10 ways to stay warm without turning the heater on!

10 ways to stay warm without turning the heater on!

1. Wear thick socks or slippers. Keeping your feel warm will help your whole body warmer. Keep a cosy pair of slippers around the house especially if you have cold floors or socks with grippers on the bottom to avoid any slips. 
socks with grippers
2. Enjoy a nutritious bowl of soup to heat yourself up from the inside. Click here for a yummy soup recipe.
3. Use the stove and oven for cooking. This will help generate heat. Leave the oven door open after cooking to warm up the room even more. 
4. Drink warm drinks such as herbal tea or a hot chocolate. Wrap your hands around the cup for extra warmth.

 5. Snuggle up with a warm hug from a heat pillow or hot water bottle. Place on any sore areas to help ease muscle aches and pains.

6. Keep active and get your circulation going. Take a break from the computer and go for a walk, clean the house or play a game with the kids outside. 

7. Use a pocket hotty to keep your hands warm. They are a great way to keep your hands warm when travelling to work or watching kids sport on the weekends! The can also be useful to warm up the skin for cancer patients needing to insert a chemotherapy port. Click here for some options: Pocket hotty - Wishing you well

8. Invest in a warm, soft knee blanket to keep warm on the couch, in bed or working on the computer. We have some beautiful blankets in stock made from recycled wool. Shopw blankets here: Woollen blankets - Wishing you well

9. Layer up! Loose layers of clothing will help you stay warm and cosy. Wear a loose fitting top and add a jumper or fleece. Up to 7-10% of body heat is lost through your head so wearing a cosy beanie can help reduce heat loss. Shop beanies here: Cable Knit- Snood & Beanie Set (pink or black) - Wishing you well

10. Enjoy a long warm bath. Soaking your body in a hot bath is a great way to warm up the body. Add some magnesium bath salts to help relax sore and aching muscle and reduce stress.


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