Welcome! My name is Kathy and I'm passionate about kindness, health and well being.

Wishing you well was born from love of creating special care packages with natural and therapeutic products for friends and family facing challenges, illness and also in times of celebration. From personal experience of caring for my mum during her battle with cancer and the loss of my brother years after I knew how special it was when someone reached out. Also knowing the uplifting feeling that can be felt when receiving a gift that was put together with thought and care.

This idea developed into an online store that offers alternative gifting solutions to uplift, inspire and support, as well as growing a community of like-minded people sharing similar experiences through our blog, newsletter and social media. Through Wishing you well we are now also able to support local charities and organisations that are doing amazing work in our community by raising awareness and funding solutions and support for people living with long term and terminal illnesses.

I believe that the power of positive intention, kindness and that the act of gifting can have an inspiring and uplifting impact and we hope that our packages can achieve that for you and your loved ones. Join our community, share your wisdom and become part of the Wishing you well journey.

Kathy xx